Hey there! I’m Will – a videographer & creative based in the heart of D.C. – and I am so pumped for you to be here! This is the story of how a little thing called “passion” took my ‘life plans’ on a, well, not-so-planned out adventure.

So get this, I went to engineering school because I really wanted to learn how airplanes worked, so I got my degree is aerospace engineering and then I picked up a camera during my senior year of college and my life took a complete 180! Because now I film weddings… wait, say that again?

See I fell in love with the editing and filmmaking process so much that I bought my first professional camera right after college and at that very moment I knew… I had just proposed to the love – sorry, passion – of my life! I like to think I take a different approach… Good videographers come into a project knowing the type of shots they want. While this is definitely important, I’ve learned to take what we’ve discussed and creatively develop a story to work in harmony with your special vision. I tackle each project with impeccable care and a meticulous eye for detail (maybe that’s the engineer in me!) to make sure that each dimension of your vision, dream and special day is brought to life… I’m lucky to have something that brings so much happiness into my life and this is my small way of sharing that happiness back with the world.