Introducing the Vibras LUT Series: where each frame turns into a palette-soaked dream. Dive into vibes that make skin tones pop and stories dance with perfect cinematic hues. Warm and bold colors give your films the look you’ve been chasing. Whether you're vibing with Blanco’s chill elegance or getting lost in Azure's cool twist, it’s time to elevate your footage. Uncover the Vibras allure and take your visuals to the next level.

vibras lut series

Three 1 hour sessions
(in-person if I’m near you!)
We meet once a week!
Vibras LUT Series ($79 value)


the Works

One 1 hour sessions - $405
Two 1 hour sessions - $595

one-on-one Sessions

Quick FYI, I use Canon camera bodies and I edit on Final Cut Pro! Obviously all camera users are welcome!

First thing you’ll receive is a questionnaire that’ll help you think about those questions I mentioned above that you will write up! After this, I’ll review your questions and send you a link so you can schedule a time on my calendar for our session. Come prepped and ready because I’ll be sharing my screen so you can easily follow along through any workflows or editing. At the end of the call, we’ll circle back on some things you can implement RIGHT AWAY to get you to that next level! 

What happens when I book a mentorship with you?

Anything you want! I highly encourage you to write up a brief set of questions (5 minimum!) so that I best know how to help you! We can chat about anything from how to get started as a wedding videographer (fundamentals are key), the gear that I wish I had known about when I started, how to market yourself, the client experience, Instagram and Tiktok strategies, my editing techniques (including color-grading), branding, Honeybook workflows, etc. 

Which topics can we chat about?

One thing I learned early on is to always be a student of life. I value education so much and am a big believer that no education compares to one where you are fully present. I have invested so much in myself over the last few years and feel lucky to be in a position where I feel that I can give back to the filmmaking and photography community. I BY NO MEANS KNOW IT ALL (like I said, I love being a student!) but that doesn’t mean I can’t help you in your journey. Let’s vibe out together!