At Sarmiento Media, we’re here to embark on this wedding journey with you, to evoke emotion and capture the embodiment of your love and joy on film. We’re there to help you slow down time by creating something timeless, so you can relive the whole day again and again over the course of your life together.

The human face has 43 muscles capable of making 21 unique expressions. All of which can be captured on camera. But what about micro expressions—the kind that last 1/15th to 1/30th of a second? Like the flash of joy on the groom’s face as he sees his partner come down the aisle. Or your parents’ happy tears as they give their speeches at the reception. Photos alone can’t always capture those subtle, memorable emotions. Film can. 

As a couple, you’ve built something together that is truly special. All those little memorable moments; first dates and first kisses, nights up late sharing secrets and making promises to one another. Now it’s all culminating in one day, where your friends and loved ones will gather to eat, drink, and celebrate the next chapter of your life together. Your wedding day is much more than an event. It’s a day filled with countless emotions and memories that you’ll want to look back on for years to come. Where wedding photos are snapshots of the experience, the wedding video is the experience. 

What it's all about

MY Approach

I tell all my couples straight up – expect the unexpected. Offbeat comments, impromptu tequila shots, forgotten vows, or maybe jumping in the pool (even though clearly the venue frowns upon it)? That's the stuff memorable films are made of. I’m in love with the chaos, the raw, human moments. My goal is to create something honest – far from those cheesy, scripted scenes. I want to see the real you in your film and to feel its authenticity

Here’s the real deal: Perfection is overrated.

We're A Good Fit If ...

...  You could care less about societal norms. Your wedding is a canvas for your unique story. Let's capture it in a way that's as boldly authentic as you are.

... Your film isn’t just another task to tick off; it’s a crucial part of your vision. I’m already envisioning your epic day the moment your inquiry hits my inbox, so I hope it’s the same for you

... You are madly and passionately in love. you want the raw, undiluted and unforgettable as you live out the best day of your life.

Such an important question as music and audio are the backbone to a film! In short, I choose the music (if you want a quick laugh, I made a reel about this…lol). One of the main reasons I choose the music for your film is because it helps me set the tone, pacing and vibe for your film. Sometimes I’ll use a combination of two songs, other times I’ll literally mix and flow 4 different songs together, along with their instrumental versions.. Music selection helps tell your story, but it should not dictate it. If I am bound to a certain song (and how it builds, how the beat is, etc.) it highly limits the creativity and story-telling of the final film. 

Another reason why I choose the music is because everything I use is licensed through multiple sources of thousands of songs that I hand pick! It’s actually illegal to use any song without first purchasing a license. And while I also love that OneRepublic song lol, it sometimes can cost thousands of dollars to license. I want the songs for your wedding to be unique and to be YOU!

If you guys do want to have some role in the music selection process, or even have a certain custom song that you had written, OF COURSE let me know! If not, then similar to how you like the vibe of some of my films, I use that to cater to your music ~vibe~ as well!

Depending on your package option, you can include both a “Ceremony Film” (~30 minutes) and a “Toasts Film” (~10-20 min) so you can watch these ~extra~ special moments back in full after your big day. These add-ons are explained in the pricing guide when you reach out.

I do my best to make sure your personalities shine through, and for this reason I go with YOUR flow! 90% of everything I capture is candid and spontaneous. However, there are parts of the days where I use my creative direction to get a specific “shot” depending on multiple factors, including lighting, location and moment - these are more so intentional shots because I shoot them while consciously thinking of you both and how it will flow into the duality of your film. 

I’m beyond proud to create films that are unique and idiosyncratic to my couples… meaning that I do not follow any cookie cutter templates. While the foundation and the way I shoot all of my films (including yours) will be the same, the final vibe and energy of the film ultimately depends on how your day went! 

I do not try to force a vibe or make the day seem like something it was not. One of the reasons I love weddings so much is because of the joyous ambiance and electric vibes they radiate - and this naturally comes through in my films. And while I cannot replicate an exact wedding that you’ve seen in my previous work, I definitely take into consideration that you want a similar vibe! No two weddings are alike, so I can not guarantee that your film will be or look like someone else’s - and that’s a GOOD thing!

A highlight film is a short film that takes all of the best moments of your big day to tell your unique story - there’s a whole lot of listening too as audio and the speeches captured on your day is what helps piece your epic film together. I make sure to include all of the key moments from your day, but if something did not make it in, RAW footage can be purchased as an add-on.

I can’t go to bed without backing up everything… twice! Hard drives do fail, and while I have never had a drive fail on me, it’s only a matter of time before one of them does! I guarantee that I will have your RAW footage for at least twelve months after delivering your film.

Just tell me when and where, and I’ll be there! One of the most popular additions that make my wedding films unique is a “Golden Hour Shoot” the day before… just think us three, a sick sunset, a location that matches your style and us just vibin’ out… Whether that be running through sandy beaches, getting lost in downtown New York or running through the streets of Barcelona, count me in! 

Rehearsal dinners are also such an amazing time for me to capture audio in a more intimate setting of your closest family and friends. I love joining rehearsal dinners for this sole reason. Couples that have had me for 2+ days are always so happy with their final film because it allows me to develop their story in a much more profound way.

While I can get the job done with a minimum of 10 hours (which is the base number of hours for my starting package), all other packages have me with you guys for 12 hours. This may seem like a lot compared to other videographers, but I think it’s one of the reasons why my films stand out - it just allows me to tell a better story :) 

Consider us as part of the same team - because WE ARE! I work with a new photographer 95% of the time and I love it - especially because we feed off each other’s creativity. At the end of the day, we are both there for you two so you can relive your best moments for years to come. 

Think of the photographer and I as doing a seamless choreographed dance the entire day lol we are always communicating with each other about the plan for the day and are often shooting side by side to make sure we don’t get in each other’s shots! While your photographer is directing, I may be getting some side angle shots, and vice versa.

Above all else, I'm someone that likes to pour 200% into everything I do, and that includes your forever wedding day memory. In order to make sure I can give my full creative self to your big day, I limit the number of weddings I take on per year - about 10-15. This allows me to bring you an impeccable memory, full of love, energy, good vibes and something you will cherish for years to come.

The testimonials

"There are not enough amazing things to say about Will. From the start, he has been consistent with maintaining communication with us, gathering all of the details we would hope to see captured from our big day, and just the most friendly spirit and amazing person all-around. We immediately connected and that makes being comfortable in front of the camera a million times easier. He captured moments I would never have expected to be on film. It is like he blended in with the day and made everything so seamless. His joyful spirit made our day fun and less stressful especially during the time we were able to spend with him and our photographer during our bride and groom portraits. Not only is Will amazing to work with, but his films are unique and timeless to each couple. I can honestly say I watch every single thing he posts, including the 10 minute plus videos haha and each couple stands out. He truly captured us to a "T," and I could not be more grateful."

Charlotte, NC

McKayla + Garrett

"Will, I am in tears! That video was absolutely amazing and gave me alllll the feels from that day. I love that you incorporated the reading from my grandma throughout - honestly made it even more special to me. To think that when we were looking at our budget we almost cut out a videographer to save money... that would have been one of the biggest mistakes we could have made. And we made no mistake choosing you to capture our day! You totally killed it, could not be more happy with the finally product!!!"


Lauren + Franco

"WILL!!!! I wanna cry all over again. You are just incredible, I cannot believe how well you captured the true essence of me and Johnny. I am so emotional, because this is such an accurate reflection of how we are as individuals and as partners. This is our authenticity at its finest!!!! When we envisioned something nontraditional and edgy for our wedding video, this is exactly what we needed. And the music is so HYPE and so us!!! Everything about it is PERFECT. I feel like I'm going to watch this video when I'm 80 years old and still feel forever young, maybe break a hip busting a move to it. Also, I've been telling Johnny "I hope Will gets a shot of you swatting the flies during the first look" LOL you read my mind and delivered. We are SO HAPPY. Thank you for everything. We are so grateful to you."

Hollywood, FL

Angelica + Johnny

"HOLY SHIT! SO GOOD! We literally got chills. We can't wait to share this with friends and family - thank you so much for being part of our day and for memorializing it in a way that we can relive over and over (and over and over...)! The day went incredibly fast, and watching this film really does give us a chance to feel all the feels again… you are incredible at what you do and we are forever grateful for you Will."


Jack + Sarah

"I AM SCREAMING. WOW. FIRST OF ALL THE BEGINNING IS SO ME… I DIED. Ok wow I love it!! Reed and I absolutely love it. Wow so so worth the wait!! You absolutely blew past any expectations we could have had… truly."


Sierra + Reed

"We are speechless. Everything about this video is absolutely perfect. Just as we knew you would, you absolutely NAILED IT! The vibes, the music, the shots you got were all perfect. I cannot wait to rewatch this over and over and over again for years to come. Thank you for all the energy, time, and hard work you put into creating this amazing piece of work for us. You are incredible at what you do. We cannot thank you enough!!!"


Allison + John

"Will is a mastermind! Truly an incredible talent. When we booked Will for our September 2022 wedding, I just knew from our first chat that he had the good vibes and energy to capture our day most accurately. We’ve now had our video for 48 hours and I have already watched it (and cried) dozens of times. We honestly couldn’t have imagined it better! Even the music was so carefully matched it felt perfect. WILL! You are magic! Thank you for the chills, the tears, and the utter speechlessness. You absolutely nailed it. "

Baltimore, MD

Olivia + Andres

The Portfolio

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