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This pack consists of six LUTs: Azure, Blanco, Ember, Ivory, Midnight Rave, & Vintage Mono

In Spanish, vibras means “vibes”. When creating films, I’ve always leaned toward the vivacity and epic moments that make up a wedding day. The Vibras LUT Series consists of six unique presets that are crafted for this same feel, energy and vibe of wedding films. They are designed to be universal and adaptable to any situation or lighting, all while prioritizing skin tones. The LUTs bounce from warm and soft to bright and vibrant, giving you the most flexibility in keeping your color style true, while also giving your footage a true cinematic look. Vibras LUT Series also features 'midnight rave' - the first wedding LUT crafted specifically for the dance floor, targeting dark environments and making them look just as epic.

By Sarmiento Media


Midnight Rave is the life of the party, built for the adrenaline and energy of the night. This LUT was specifically designed for vibrant, pulsing dance floor scenes, thriving in low-light environments. It dances into the blues of the shadows, lifting them to create an invigorating atmosphere. Even in uneven lighting, it echos the captivating unpredictability of a party. Let the night be uneven; let your footage vibe on.

Midnight rave

Ember is like a comforting sunset encapsulated in film. It nurtures natural skin tones while seductively swaying towards an overall warmer ambiance. Crafted to imbue footage with a welcoming contrast and velvety whites, it sets the mood for a visual tale of endearing connections.


Ivory is minimalism at its most powerful. It desaturates green hues, paradoxically making them more noticeable and vibrant. Skin tones under Ivory are the epitome of perfection, striking a harmonious balance between class and a vibrant pulse.


Azure is our go-to look. Its sharp contrast, color formulation remains faithful to skin tones while drawing your gaze to cityscapes and bolder colors. It adds a fascinating twist to your footage by artistically emphasizing blue, making your footage not just stand out but sing.


Blanco's delicate yet definitive palette draws out the vibrant subtleties of skin tones, breathing life into any scene. Rather than dominating, Blanco gently elevates the inherent feel of your natural colors, lending an air of understated poise to all settings.


The Luts

These are the camera settings I recommend to make the most out of your films and the Vibras LUTs.

Camera Settings

Vibras LUTs were tested on Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, and Nikon Z Series footage. Compatible with most Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras.


Vibras LUTs are compatible with Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and any editing software that is able to load a LUT (.cube) file.

Tech Specs

This pack consists of six LUTs: Azure, Blanco, Ember, Ivory, Midnight Rave, & Vintage Mono. Upon purchase, you will receive a download for macOS or Windows that you will receive as .cube files.

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"Will absolutely killed it with these LUTs!!! They instantly elevate your footage, and I love the variety within the pack! Stoked to use these on future films."

“The color options that all of these give allow the perfect balance for that VIBE of the couple to really come alive! They all fit so many different kinds of footage! From Dance floor to first look, to a harshly lit ceremony, these are incredible! They will help me serve my couples better with a better end result for their film! WILL IS KILLING IT WITH THESE!”

"Used the Vibras "Ember" LUT and I'm absolutely loving the color it gives my footage."

"After using these LUTs on my footage, I was like, 'Wow, talk about dreamy vibes!' They've got this chill, natural elegance that just works for any film I'm messing with. Definitely a game-changer!"

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